a six letter word.


I was learning to be alone without feeling lonely. I was learning to enjoy myself without someone by my side.

I think we give the word lonely some kind of super hero power that brings us to our knees on days when the fog just won’t lift.

 The word burns itself into our skin like a hot match. You don’t have to be single or old or young or ugly or pretty to feel the depth of the word. It marches its was through all of our hearts like a string band, rising and falling, again and again. As complex a creature we are you’d think we’d be able to pull apart a 6 letter word and shred it of its weight. Letters placed together shouldn’t define us, they shouldn’t close us into boxes or cage us like wild animals. But sometimes we need to feel the definitive that someone’s there.

That’s it. That’s all. We just want to feel arms around us. Holding us close, giving us strength when we have none. It’s not a lot. It’s not always. But the solidity of a person physically there calms us at the surface. It whispers, “You’re not alone, you’re not alone.” 

And if nothing else embeds its way into your soul today, just remember this: You’re not alone. You’re not. I promise, I promise. Just love yourself and believe in people, believe in their hearts. Feel lonely when it comes along and then let it go.

Let it find a home in someone else, because you’ve got this.

You’ve got it and there ain’t room for lonely to unpack his bags in your room tonight. Dust all his favorite adjectives under the carpet and rock out your day. Remember you are not alone.

It gets better, you’ll feel fuller, your time is coming.

Photo via: Pinterest


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