they couldn’t have asked for a better day.

The day felt slow as the thick air, yet moved at the speed of lightening. They were ready for this day, and the next, and the next. You could see in the expressions of his face they way he craved to love her. Wholeheartedly, sincerely, unfailing. You could see in the way she kissed the letter she wrote to him, her groom, sealing it with red lips. They couldn’t have asked for a better day, or future spouse, or sincerity of love.

This is what life is made for. These kind of romance novels played out into real life fairy-tails. The kind that reminds the married couples why they choose their spouse over and over again. The kind that reminds the single men and women why they should keep fighting for love.

The vibe of happiness and compassion can suffocate a person. It can rock them to their core, and a hundred thousand questions might pop into their head but just you wait. Today her soul joined hands with his soul and what’s more beautiful then that?

The wind breezed along, the temperature dropped below sufferably hot. A little girl danced with her daddy. A little boy danced with his mother. But they weren’t little anymore. They were instead a living, breathing, committed couple. They are ready to embark on this world as one. All the while the fans spun in dizzy little circles above them and music played out of speakers overhead and cake was placed onto tiny, dainty plates with forks by their side.

From the sidelines, from the edges of the dance floor, they are perfect. Happy and whole. Rays of sunshine emitting from both of their faces. No problem in the world these two can’t fix. This pair, this duo, this couple.

One. One. One.

That’s the number of times it took to walk down the isle, to take photos, to give up their freedom. To be 22 and married. To say I do……and mean it.

Photo via OnceWed


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