lurking around the corner.

d2c9521562ca2eba4d2f0308db3e9651I get this anger in my soul when things don’t go as planned. It makes its entrance through tears falling down my cheeks and then burns a fire inside of me until the anger passes. And I guess anger really isn’t the right adjective anyway, because it’s really covering up something more like disappointment.  All the promises made to me as a kid, all the disappointments that followed them, have left me holding my breath for defeat. I usually don’t even ask. I just do things for myself, by myself because the way the track rolls inside my head, every person has let me down. And its not to say they always gathered up my heart into a blender, laughing as they crushed it, but it was still done one too many times. Most often I brace myself for it. Knowing its coming, expecting the hurt and still finding myself amazed at how much pain it still causes when it actually happens. And to be honest, I know things don’t work the way we thought they would all of the time. I know our paths go the way they go, but it doesn’t mean I should be watching for disappointment lurking around every corner. Photo Cred


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