things are hard.


Lately life has been hard. On your knees in the dirt, in a puddle of raindrops, in the nitty gritty of things you can’t control-kind of hard. It’s been so consuming I’ve forgotten what my own life holds and means and I have taken on another one altogether. I wake up exhausted and go to bed drained. I push myself beyond my limits and put everyone before me.

And I’m not complaining, this isn’t a vent post – rather I hope people can find some truth to my words. That life isn’t always what we want it to be, and gumdrops don’t fall from the sky and things are hard.

Say it – things are hard.  Things are hard and to deal with the 100mph winds blown through our days we need to understand that hard is part of the process and easy doesn’t come packed in a bag from the grocery store. Some days may mean coffee breaks when you don’t have time or giving when you don’t have the money. Other days we may loose someone we love or drown in a pile of self doubt and fears.

Keep going, keep going. You can do this. You can conquer all the things you never thought you would.

Be patient, but persistent. Work hard. Honor your heart and soul. Don’t doubt for a second you were chosen to be here. To bring the world a piece of yourself. To uplift it.

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