keep going.

a3b2aaf066c18cfa6b6544cd735cc57dKeep going. You’ve got this. It’ll get better. Push that train along, fill your little head with all the positive powerful words you can. You are strong. You are capable. Always move forward, even when the path is long and dark and winding. Keep moving. I know you can.

Hold someone’s hand. Hold it good and right and if you feel like your drowning, don’t let go.

Hug a little longer, a little more often because we need each other. We need people and they need us.

There will be days you skin your knees, there will be days your face hits the pavement. Get back up. Get back up and shake it off baby, you can do this. You can, you can, you can.

Smile so it becomes a habit. So that other people smile when they see you. When you’re sad and holding back the tears – let them go. Let them fall over the pages of your book or onto the shoulder of a loved one. Let those tiny drops of heartache out so laughter can move in later. And when it does make sure it brings its suitcase and stays for a while because ain’t nobody got time for rain clouds.

Be softer. Be softer and know we’ve all got something. Something straining us and pulling us down. You don’t always have to have it together. You don’t. Lean on someone, let them help you. Don’t put up walls of steel – it ain’t worth it. Be kinder. Be so kind people are taken aback. Make someones day. Use an umbrella when it rains. Just do it – you’ll feel like Mary Poppins. Just keep going. Keep being who you are. Who you need to be. You’ve got this. You’ve got it. Keep going.

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