silly little blue bubbles.

I want to talk to him. 

She hadn’t answered yet but my mind kept on moving. So I typed the words out on the screen.

When the medicine wears off at night I’m so tempted to say yes. Yes, I’ll come over. Just to have him there in the lonely hours. To fall asleep with someone beside me again. 

And I realized the honest-deep down-in the bottom of my heart feelings come out in silly little blue bubbles on a 2″x4″ screen.

I sat in the car yesterday and typed more honest words out on the screen I can’t have what I want and I know it but I can’t let it go either. 

I always hang up feeling…I don’t know actually, but something. 

It’s in those moments we have the answer. We don’t need to make a choice because we know what we’re supposed to do, what we have to do. Sometimes our hearts take their sweet time to catch up to those moments, so we keep showing up for a party we weren’t invited to until the walls come tumbling down on top of us.

And they will. I promise they will

Photo credit: unknown


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