year of yes review.

I just finished Year of Yes.

As in, I put it down 10 minutes ago.

And let me tell you – it wrecked me.

If there was ever a book to recommend? This one is it. This one takes the gold, stands at the top of the mountain, speaks from the sky. Shonda is an amazing writer but even greater – she is an amazing teller. Her words connect with emotions inside other human beings. Her words wrecked me. I finished the book (in two days) with tears in my eyes. Because it was that good.

My life lately has gone off the track. If I’m being honest my life has been off the track for over 3 years and I’ve done nothing to correct it. I have been standing still, the train still moving, but my tracks? They stopped somewhere long ago. I stopped somewhere long ago. My life has gone off the track. I am broken, I am lazy, I am scared. Making a new move, adding some new track is terrifying. Scares me to my core, terrifying.

And yet.

Life will not move on until I do. Until I lay down some new track and make the next move and face the things that scare me. Until I choose to say, “I can do this, it’s not so bad. I can do this.” I’m getting there. I’m almost at the point of jumping off the clip and making the next move. I’m almost ready to lay down some track.

Year of Yes. It changed me, in boldened me, it forced me to take a good look in the mirror. It rattled things inside of me that I forgot were there. I can do hard things, sure I can. I just have to believe it. I have to face it, and own it and want it.

Life is always going to be hard and scary and sometimes dark. If only we can say YES to the things that mean something. The things that light our souls on fire, even if they scare us a bit. Say yes, show up in the face of fear, work it out. We can do this. All of us. We just have to say yes.


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